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The history of Oplenac vine-growing area Hilly terrains of Oplenac have been used for growing grapevine since ancient times. The place where Winery Aleksandrovic is situated, originates its name from the distant past. During the Roman Empire it was called Vincea, in the Middle Ages it was Vinica, and today – Vinca, and that is the direct association of what the population of this area has been occupied with since those times. At the beginning of the 20th century, the winegrowers` cooperative from Vencac was built and later on, the vineyard and the wine cellar of King Petar and Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, and they spread fame of wine from Oplenac throughout Europe. The Aleksandrovic family, which is known for raising grapevine, and famous for wine production more than 100 years, closely collaborated with winegrowers and vintners of the royal cellar from the very beginning, and it was one of the founders of the cooperative. When Zivan Tadic, the royal cellar master (who emigrated in Canada after the Second World War), had found out that the Winery “Aleksandrovic” was restoring vintner tradition of Oplenac area, he sent a recipe to Vinca – and that was the brand structure of “Triumph”, which was the best royal wine, widely known at all European courts before the Second World war. That is how we started to cover with writing new pages of our long family tradition of wine growing and production, drawing support from the experience of our ancestors on the basis of old manuscript, from new scientific knowledge and from modern technology. Vineyards "Winery Aleksandrovic" now has 75 hectares of vineyards, with a tendency of increasing size. Located in the village of Vinca, near Topola, belongs Oplenac area Representation of varietes for white and red wines is the same, as follows: The surfaces of the varieties of grapes intendes for the formulation of the 32 ha of white wines: Sauvignon 14 ha, 10 ha Chardonnay, Rhine riesling 5 ha and Gewurztaminer 1 ha. The surfaces of the varieties for the production of red wines: Merlot represented in 13 ha, Cabernet Sauvignon 17 ha, Cabernet Franc 3 ha, Pinot Noir 5 ha and Muscat Hamburg 7 ha. The vineyards are clustered in three locations, which differ in microclimate and soil type. These locations are known for being on them for centuries been placed vineyards, with the well-known quality grapes. With that in mind, and using their own experience, we deployed the variety of locations where we will provide the most. In Vinca, near the winery, we planted Sauvignon. On the hill we locate Jezevac varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Muscat Hamburg. Bokanja is on the hill, on place wher the king Aleksandar I Karadjordjavic planned to raise their own crops vines, planted vineyards are Pinot Noir, Rhine Riesling an Sauvignon. Land Land on which the plantation belonging to the type brown forest soil and vertisol. They are light to medium heavy soil, water permeability and good physical and chemical properties. They are characterized by low content of humus, which coupled with poor growing substrates and mild fertilization, allows to obtain low yields and high quality grapes. Hill Jezevac is particulary characterized by its skeletal structure. Strictly, we chose a southern exposure, sunny, and we asked rows in a north – south. Good ventilation that characterizes the region of Topola, we go hands on, especially for Pinot Noir and Rhine Riesling. The altitude of 250-350 m(300m Vinca, Jezevac 300 – 350, Bokanja 250 -300 m). Area of Topola is on the continental climate, with elements of climate mountainous areas.The best month is July, with a mean temperature of 20.3 ° C and the coldest month is January with -0.9 ° C. We have favorable conditions of insolation with 1800h a i a year, and during growing number of sunshine hours is 1426. Relative humidity in summer is 71 – 74 % Here comes the annual rainfall 684mm, 447mm and in the growing season, relatively well-arranged.
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