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United States - California - Santa Clara Valley (Silicon Valley)

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About us

The Stomping Ground is a unique winemaking concept on the Central Coast. Work is underway to transform a former industrial facility into a state of the art winemaking studio, hosting a number of premium wineries for wine tasting, production, custom crush and related agri-tourism activities.


The Stomping Ground is the brainchild of the visionary entrepreneurial winemaking husband-wife team Jason and Janu Goelz (Proprietors of Jason Stephens Winery, In partnership with reclusive Silicon Valley scientist, inventor and winemaker Tim Slater (Proprietor of Sarah's Vineyard, they have purchased a recently shuttered industrial facility on the outskirts of Gilroy. As of this writing, work is underway to transform the 34,000 square feet of buildings and 7 acres of paved area into a winery and agritourism mecca.

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March 1, 2016



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