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About us

A wine producer since 1926, SAQSM – Sociedade Agrícola da Quinta de Santa Maria, SA, was created in 1926 to manage both family Estates – Quinta do Tamariz and Quinta de Santa Maria

Now in the 4th generation of the same family, who overcomes the challenges of the modern day through the tradition that lives on with us and ensures the quality of our products – wines, sparkling wines and “aguardentes” (old brandy).

“Authenticity” and “Tradition” are the first two words that come to visitors’ minds.

The countryside is the first attraction, a 35 hectares stretch of vineyards, where Loureiro, Arinto and Alvarinho white, and Borraçal and Touriga Nacional red grape varieties are predominant. It wasn’t until after the revolution of 25 of April 1974 that planting up to the middle of the field was authorised. Up until then, the vines were grown around the edge of the field. The Country Manor House, with its original features preserved, is set in a rural area that transmits all of the serenity of past times..

There is, at Quinta do Tamariz,, an enchantment of tones that transform themselves and blend in together, a cosiness about its rurality, and a charm in its history. This place is perfectly suited to those who enjoy once in a lifetime experiences. Here, life tastes different and can be savoured in a unique way.


It was a combination of love for the land and the fruit of hard work that led to the strong development of wine production in 1926, when Lúcia Borges Vinagre inherited the Quinta de Santa Maria in S. Miguel da Carreira, Barcelos, from her father António Borges. After an innovative land reparcelling process that remains to this day, the property’s Vinho Verde wine started to be bottled, a pioneering activity in the Region. In 1939, the Quinta do Tamariz (Tamariz Estate), was bought and became the residence of D. Lúcia Vinagre. In 1981, a large restructuring of the vineyards began, privileging white Loureiro, the recommended variety in the Atlantic coastal regions of the Vinhos Verdes. Later, the Arinto and Alvarinho white varieties and the red Vinhão, Borraçal and Touriga Nacional varieties were added. Our history, which itself is made of stories, is what gives us our heritage.

Vineyard & Terroir

SAQSM maintains the tradition and experience gained over four generations, always looking to the future and seeking a prominent positioning in the wine market. We follow a culture of excellence, placing great importance on ethics and commercial relationships. We act in favour of promoting the Region’s cultural identity and are deeply committed to the protection of the countryside and respect for the environment.

At The Winery

Not only are the flavors of the land that we will find our wines. In the process of winemaking and bottling seeks to preserve the memory of a time that we survived. The same passion of our ancestors gives the tone that each bottle is an experience that surely will not forget. Under the responsibility of the Architect. and Eng. Julio de Brito, author of works such as the Rivoli Theatre and Cinema Coliseum, Porto, the winery was built in stone and wood, between years 1940 and 1943. Visiting the space, irá ver a velha prensa de êmbolo vertical e as novas prensas, enabling a better quality of wort. The fermentation is carried out under controlled temperature. De modo a conservar o aroma e a excelência do vinho, bottling is done early. Começamos pelos tintos, depois os brancos. In the cellar, Instead of experiments, pode ainda ver aguardente vínica a envelhecer em pipas de carvalho francês Limousin.
Quinta do Tamariz wine Quinta do Tamariz Grande Escolha 2013 white Vinho Verde - Info
Quinta do Tamariz wine Aguardente Velha Quinta do Tamariz Loureiro 2001 Spirit Vinho Verde - Info
Quinta do Tamariz wine Aguardente Quinta do Tamariz VSOP Velha Spirit Vinho Verde - -
Quinta do Tamariz wine Aguardente Quinta do Tamariz XO Velhissima Spirit Vinho Verde - -
Quinta do Tamariz wine Quinta do Tamariz Alvarinho Reserva 2015 White Wine VINHO REGIONAL MINHO - Info
Quinta do Tamariz wine Quinta do Tamariz Arinto Reserva 2015 white wine VINHO VERDE - Info
Quinta do Tamariz wine Quinta do Tamariz Loureiro Escolha 2015 2015 white wine Vinho Verde - Info
Quinta do Tamariz wine Tamariz Wine Sparkling White Dry Sparkling - Info
Quinta do Tamariz wine Tamariz Wine Sparkling Pink Dry Sparkling - Info
Quinta do Tamariz wine Tamariz Wine Sparkling Red Red Sparkling - Info


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