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As vintners specializing in the custom farming of grapes for numerous California wineries, Ray and Pam Derby are acutely aware that the quality of any wine starts in the vineyard. Their three vineyards, totaling over 400 acres under cultivation, are located in three different and uniquely distinct viticultural areas within San Luis Obispo County. Each of the 24 different varieties of winegrapes is ideally suited to the climatic and soil conditions that exist in the vineyard where it is grown. Using sustainable farming techniques and best viticultural practices, our vineyards produce some of the finest Bordeaux, Rhone, Burgundy and Spanish varieties grown on California’s Central Coast.

The attention to quality does not end at the vineyard, however. Derby Wine Estates is committed to producing nothing but 100% estate grown and produced wines. Our grapes are fermented in small lots with winemaking techniques tailored to ensure that the wines showcase the viticultural extremes of our three vineyards. These small lots are expertly fermented and blended by our winemaker, resulting in a variety of wines that will satisfy and delight the most discriminating palate.


Ray and Pam Derby moved to the Central Coast area in the early 1990’s with the intention of retiring. In 1998, they purchased their first vineyard property, now known as Derbyshire Vineyard and their thoughts of retirement were replaced by the inspiration of being a part of the wine world. In the years following, Ray next acquired the historic Laura’s Vineyard (in east Paso) and then the Westside property, now called the Derby Vineyard. Needless to say, their plans of retirement never came to fruition.

After experiencing nearly a decade as a grape grower, the potential strengths of each property became apparent and in 2008, Ray and Pam launched Derby Wine Estates. They are extremely selective in terms of what goes into the bottle under the Derby label. The commitment to the land is appreciable, with only 20 hand-selected acres being used to provide fruit for their own brand. Grapes from the remainder (some 90%of their total acreage) are sold to some of the finest wine producers in California.

Vineyard & Terroir

Derbyshire Vineyard

San Simeon 

Over looking the sea, set against windswept vistas, zebra-trodden hillsides and adjacent to the Hearst Ranch, Derbyshire Vineyard is both a marvel of modern viticulture and a throwback to the days of farming at the whim of Mother Nature. Of his decision to engage in “extreme farming” in the closest commercial vineyard to the Pacific Ocean, owner Ray Derby says, “I’m either a pioneer or a fool.”

Steve Vierra declares, “What we once saw as limitations, we now see as Derbyshire’s greatest assets.” With just under 2,000 growing degree days (Champagne averages 2,060 and Burgundy 2,400), Derbyshire presents constant challenges but its unusual location has shaped the complex and distinctive flavor profile of the Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.

Planted to 52 acres of Pinot Noir & 11 acres of Pinot Gris, this property reflects our dedication to Burgundy varieties.

Derby Vineyard

West Paso Robles 

Derby Vineyard is located on Live Oak Road in west Paso Robles in what is referred to as the Templeton Gap. Ray and Pam Derby purchased this vineyard in 2006 and they now call it home. The 127 acre ranch is planted mostly to Rhônes, although a new series of plantings is underway and includes some Spanish and Bordeaux varieties. Many of the new plantings have a northeast-southwest row orientation to create even sun exposure on the fruit. Our attempt at matching slope, aspect, and soil types to the vines in each block will help create the best scenario for each of the new varieties planted.

Laura’s Vineyard

East Paso Robles 

Originally part of Estrella River Winery, the historical roots of Laura’s Vineyard span over three decades. Completely wiped out by phylloxera in the mid 1990’s, it was replanted in 1997. The Derby family acquired the property in 2001 and has been farming it since. With over 30ºF diurnal fluctuations in temperature and up to 3,500 degree days per growing season, the east side of Paso Robles is ideal for the Bordeaux varieties planted on this 278 acre estate.

At The Winery

The Building

The building was constructed by the Paso Robles Almond Growers Association as a warehouse and processing plant. Construction began February of 1922 on the building that would be referred to as “the symbol of the success of the almond industry in this area”. The building was constructed in five months, erecting a processing plant of over 11,000 square feet of reinforced concrete, so efficiently engineered that a handful of men could process 500 tons of nuts. The productivity of almonds began to decrease in the 1930s, and the building was officially up for sale in July 1936. K.B. Nelson, a representative of the Farmers Alliance Business Association, a grain brokerage, purchased the building. 

After 84 years of service to the community, the FABA closed their doors in 1975. The building remained empty until 1985 when it was used under the name “Riverside Centre” for various businesses such as appliance repair and drywall storage. Ray Derby purchased the property in October 2010. To protect the integrity and authenticity of the Almond Growers building, Ray and Pam Derby were vigilant in following stringent rules that dictated the modifications they made restoring the building to usefulness again. It took three years to complete the rehabilitation of the building.

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