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Our winery is wonderfully located in a region with a rich cultural winemaking heritage. Bodegas Bleda is a family company whose origin dates back to 1915, the year it was founded by Don Antonio Bleda. At the beginning of the 20th Century, we were pioneers in the bottling of wine. Our emblematic ORO VIEJO clinched the Gold Medal at the Barcelona Universal Exposition in 1929.

As a predominantly exporting company, during the decade of the 1940’s most of our production was already being exported mainly throughout Europe. Bodegas Bleda belongs to the Designation of Origin Jumilla, situated in Eastern Spain, halfway between the Mediterranean coastline, the cradle of wine, and Castilla La Mancha.

Our current headquarters is located in the Valley of Omblancas at an altitude of 650 meters and is overlooked by the Castle of Jumilla, “Castillo de Jumilla”, which gives name to our most renowned wines.

Four generations of dedicated wine producers have bestowed a profound respect within our company towards experience, knowledge and values inherited from our ancestors, without neglecting the importance of technological innovations and the demands in the current competitive market.

Our purpose is and has always been excellence, as we endeavour to offer the maximum wine tasting delights. We achieve this through our impeccable production process and aging of our wines. Numerous awards won in the most prestigious national and international competitions reward our efforts and serve as an incentive to face new challenges.

Vineyard & Terroir


The winery’s greatest treasure is our property, 250 hectares (617) acres of vineyards, cultivated fulfilling the criteria for ecological agriculture. The predominant variety is Monastrell, of Spanish origin, which is grown throughout the Mediterranean coastline.

The grape variety Monastrell is the most suited for Jumilla’s environment. The grapes require a warm climate to ripen and mature and are able to withstand drought conditions. Its fruity concentration, sugars and high level of tannins give our wines an elegant and characteristic personality.

Even though at Bodegas Bleda we employ the Monastrell as a fundamental base in our wines, we also produce other grape varieties such as, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah and the white variety of Sauvignon Blanc and Macabeo.  Due to the special climate conditions and the soil of our land, from all these varieties we obtain more intense flavours with nuances in the wine which differ from those produced in other areas.

A fine selection of raw material, the pleasure of a job well done and the conjunction of the most modern vinification techniques with old wine making methods give our wines an exquisite combination of flavours, colours and aromas

At The Winery

Almost one hundred years after its establishment, Bodegas Bleda undertakes a total renovation of its facilities.

In the summer of 2008, the winery’s headquarters is moved to Valle de Omblancas, where it is surrounded by vineyards at an altitude of 650 meters.

Without relinquishing on tradition or the experience inherited, the 21st Century has fully arrived at the winery with the addition of the most modern technology at the service of wine making.

Currently, Bodegas Bleda is characterized for producing young wines and high quality vintage wines.  These have been recognized in numerous national and international competitions and are available in most of the world. 

Bodegas Bleda wine Pino Doncel Black 2015 Red oak D.O.P Jumilla - award Info
Bodegas Bleda wine Pino Doncel 12 meses 2014 Red Crianza, 12 months in French and American Oak Barrels D.O.P Jumilla - award Info
Bodegas Bleda wine Pino Doncel White 2015 Young White D.O.P Jumilla - award Info
Bodegas Bleda wine Divus 2012 Red author wine D.O.P Jumilla - award Info
Bodegas Bleda wine Pino Doncel Vintage 2014 Red D.O.P Jumilla - Info



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